Thursday, December 25, 2014

Feliz Navidad!

The beautiful side altar of San Francisco church in Castro, Chiloe

Merry Christmas to all our family & friends
One of the downfalls of moving to a remote foreign country is the ability to be with family & friends during the holiday times. Sure it's hard and family & friends are important to us but everything has it's good and bad sides. We just have to be content with seeing our 2 older children at other times during the year and not always at Christmas but it's like that when the kids grow up and the parents move away!
Christmas here in Chile is not as overly commercialized as it is in the States and I find it refreshing though I am having a hard time getting used to making strawberry jam at Thanksgiving and making peach jam at Christmas! We are rolling ever so slowly into summer and the garden is coming along and the canning season is already very busy as well as getting our farm going.
We will be spending most of our summer on the farm with no running water and no electricity and no internet though we are working at making those things happen so I won't be posting much for the next few months though I will be checking my email a few times a week when we go into Puerto Octay for the wi-fi. Jim will be posting his farm videos on Youtube so you can check those out here

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