Sunday, August 16, 2015

Family update and what's been going on for the past 3 months

It has been a while since I last posted but moving and no internet for over a month is a pretty good excuse, I think!
As you may know for the past 2 years we have been living in a friend's house. It was great but they decided to sell the house right after we bought our farm. That sounds like good timing but it proved to have a few difficulties! :) life always does We have a great little cabin on our farm which we had to remodel to make it livable but it is not large enough for all 5 of us. A generous friend offered a spare room for our teens. It is only 5 minutes from school and 10 from our farm. It's worked out well and we get high speed internet which we don't have at the farm and aren't likely to get soon.
Samuel and Andrew are doing well at school. Picking up spanish very quickly and making lots of friends. Samuel is taking violin lessons at the beautiful Teatro del Lago in Frutillar. See the link for this awesome theater.
 The boys also joined the teen chorus at the Teatro and get to travel around southern Chile giving concerts. It's been a lot of fun for them.

And we also joined the adult chorus- all 4 of us. It's a lot of fun singing together and we are having our first concert on August 22 in Chiloe, an island about 2 hours south of us.
We have made some nice friends at church and between chorus practice, Mass, and a bible study we attend weekly, our spanish is coming along! We have friends now who don't speak english which really pushes us to learn the spanish. I love spanish. It's a much prettier language than english but I must say it hasn't been as easy as I thought it would. My 50 year old brain just doesn't learn as fast as it used to.
On the farm, we have our first 2 lambs of the season, a male and a female, from 2 different ewes. We have a hen with 4 chicks which has just been darling. Jim bought three piglets for meat and breeding. He has really enjoyed them. They are cute and have interesting personalities. Minnie, Winnie, and Pearl are their names. We cut down around 8 trees and are in the process of sawing the wood with a friend's sawmill to make posts for the fence we need to put up.
We are also building a loft in the cabin to put our bed up so we have more room for a couch and table. Right now it is very challenging living in such a small space. I'll give a tour of the cabin when we are done with the loft. Soon we will start a post and beam barn if we have any wood left after building the fence.

We know it is spring when the falcons start gathering wool for nest building with the plentiful sheep wool available
How soft and cozy for the little chicks!
This ewe is the fattest I have ever seen. She has looked like she is having triplets for a year now!

This is Rosemary with 3 of her 5 chicks. Isn't she pretty? And such a protecting mother. She is fierce and even the cats are scared of her!
I have never been a cat lover due to my allergies but they have gone or diminished any way and I am now a cat lover!
On the left is Nubecita, that is little cloud in spanish..She was Andrew's kitten but she loves me better now! And Higgins is our new kitty gifted to us from a friend. He was found as a kitten on the streets of Santiago and now he is an awesome mouser on our little farm!

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