Saturday, August 29, 2015

New lambs

A family photo
The proud father is in the back. His name is Shawn the sheep and he is a ram we traded out with our neighbor.
Pippin is the mama on the right and the new lamb is a male. He is so cute with black knees, black tipped ears and the black mouth.

This sweet little lamb is one of  two girls born to our black ewe. She is only a few hours old.
Our new rooster, Don Gallo, or Sir Rooster
I have 10 laying hens and I got 7 eggs here which is a good day. I love the different colors- green, tans, and pinkish whites.
My ducks actually lay better than my hens. I have 2 female ducks and they lay almost every day even through the winter. Nice big white eggs. If I could only get them to hatch their eggs! I would love to have more ducks. 


  1. This is my second attempt to post a comment. The page went crazy and now I can't find it. I probably accidentally typed a code. I wanted to tell you that I love your blog. The photography in it is awesome. I'm wondering where you are located. I'll be on my way to Villarrica/Pucon area in a few weeks and wondered if you might be in that area. I have friends living in Caburgua. I was looking for information on expats living in the area is how I came across you online. I publish Four Flags Journal and do some other writing. I live in Buenos Aires currently but considering a move over to that area. I'd like very much to be in touch if you have time. My email is
    Arlean Kelley

  2. Sorry about the posting problems, Arlean. It seems to be a recurring problem with google blogger.
    Thanks for the nice comment!