Saturday, January 16, 2016

Penguins on Chiloe

Last weekend we took the ferry out to Chiloe (pronounce chill-o-way) to see the penguins. We took Ruta 5 (the PanAmerican hwy)south to the end in Pargua to catch the ferry over to the island of Chiloe.

You just drive right on, pay the toll of 12,000 pesos which is about $17 US and enjoy the 30 minute ride over. You can go up top for better viewing. We saw lots of seals swimming in the waves. This is currently the only way to get to the island so there are usually lots of buses and trucks. Sadly, the government is putting in pylons across the Chacao Channel for a bridge. I hope that it doesn't ruin the mystique of this beautiful island.
You then drive to the city of Ancud about 30 minutes away on the north end of the island. It's a pretty fishing town on the bay.
       Once you get into Ancud just follow the signs for about 28 km to the Pinguinera. The views  along the way are spectacular.

At the end of the road, you just drive on the beach and pick your tour boat. There are 4 or 5 services plus a restaurant or 2 and a couple of gift shops.

Tickets are 6,000 pesos for adults and 3,000 for kids for a 30 minute boat ride.
You climb up the cart and they roll you out to the boat tethered in the surf.

These are either Humboldt or Magellanic penguins. Both live in these waters.

And here are the babies waiting to be fed

We also spotted a kelp goose, some steamer ducks, seals, and kelp gulls. The gulls were catching urchins, dropping them on the rocks to crack them, and gobbling up the yummy slime inside.

On the way home we stopped at our favorite beach for biking and fishing. It is miles and miles of beach with few houses or people. You can access the beach by car just a few kilometers from the Pinguinera. It also has some interesting rock formations and caves.

Coming down the road to our favorite beach

This cool rock has a cave in it

Looking to the south - this cliff face has another cave in it

Miles and miles of empty beach
It's so much fun to drive on!
Another magical, mystical day on Chiloe

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