Saturday, January 9, 2016

Saltos de Petrohue

 Our oldest son is visiting for the month so we have been giving him the grand chilean tour of the Lakes region. We went to the Saltos de Petrohue which is the rapids on the Petrohue river which runs out of lake Todos Los Santos to the ocean at the bay of Reloncavi. You can access this area at the southeastern end of Lago Lllanquihue at the town of Ensenada taking the partially paved road to Petrohue, a small village on the shore of Lake Todos Los Santos. This area is part of the Parque Vicente Perez-Rosales which is a 977 sq. mile national park which includes the lake and 3 volcanoes.
The entrance to the very nice visitors center which includes a snack bar with outdoor eating area, several gift shops, and free bathrooms. When we went the admission was free but it is not normally. Last April. Volcan Calbuco erupted dumping ash over this area and damaging some of the paths and lookouts so there was some construction being done.

Inside the visitors center

The main falls are not very high but the amount of watering rushing through this basaltic lava chute is impressive.

This bridge was closed during our visit for repairs

The green-blue crystal clear water is spectacular

Trails and bridges make for easy walking throughout the park with views of the river and falls

The end of the trail with a nice view of the river and places to sit on the rocks but no swimming here as the water is moving dangerously fast over the rocks. There is white water rafting on this river but a guide is recommended as they know the best access locations which are not publicly marked and some areas are just too dangerous

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