Monday, February 29, 2016

Angelmo Fish Market in Puerto Montt

Angelmo is the fish market on the bay in Puerto Montt. It is a colorful fish and artisan market that attracts a lot of tourists for the local seafood and crafts.

              A mix of restaurants, craft stalls, and fish market

                                           The tour boats

                Each dormer on the building is a different restaurant

                           Dinner with a nice view over the bay

            The salmon plate was around 8,000 pesos or about $11 which includes bread but no drink

                 We ate on the second floor at the end at Sra. Vilma's

      I still don't know what these are but one sees them at every feria
       I think they are dried smoked shellfish like clams or mussels

                             Two different types close up.
 I'm willing to try almost anything but these little things don't look to appetizing!

                              Sea urchin, a favorite of the gulls

                                                Kelp used in seafood stews

      I have tried these tasty little critters! It is a picaroco or barnacle and they are as tasty as lobster!

 And here is the crafts section with lots of cheap wood souvenirs and also some nice knitted products with local wool like mantas, sweaters, socks, mittens, etc.

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