Thursday, March 3, 2016

First Day of School

                                Andrew's last first day of school in 12th grade or 4th (cuatro) medio and Thomas's first first day of school in 3rd (tercero) basico or 3rd grade

Yes, friends, my homeschooling days are over! Yoo hoo! and that is a big one after 18 years!
 Samuel will be attending the PreUniversity Pedro de Valdivia in Osorno to study for the PSU which is the Chilean equivalent of the SAT.  And then Thomas and Andrew at the Colegio San Vicente. This is just a school not a college that goes from K-4 to 12th. We decided to end our homeschooling days as living in Chile is just not conducive to that lifestyle and we have access to a free catholic school. In South Carolina, we were part of 2 large and active homeschool co-ops. Now I have one little boy all by himself and no support group with all its activities. And Thomas needs to learn Spanish and make friends here so we decided to put him in while Andrew was still attending. Having big brother upstairs will make the transition easier, we hope! BTW, Thomas speaks little to no spanish so it will be interesting to see how he gets on. And with his dyslexia he can't read english so the special ed teacher will have an interesting challenge to teach a little boy who speaks english and can't read it to speak and read spanish. And I will post more about the Chilean school system as far as I know about it, anyway!
Update on March 10- All is well at school. Thomas loves it and I have noticed a new confidence in him. He is not cowering behind my apron strings anymore. Though it has been only a week, he already has picked up a sore throat. Jim and I are loving the new found freedom and our peaceful days as we just enjoy being together without kids.


  1. We are considering moving to Chile from North Carolina with our two kids-15yr old daughter and 12 yr old son. We currently homeschool. Are you happy with your move? Any suggestions?

  2. Hi Kelly
    Thanks for the questions! We love Chile!! and so do the kids though my 17 yrd old says he would like to go back to the States for a bit, I would love to chat more and you can email me at anytime