Tuesday, March 29, 2016

News in Review March 2016

Mounted Carabineros in Santiago
First Quarter economic news


Doug Tompkins was the owner of the largest tract of privately owned land in Chile. As of his death in December, Parque Pumalin, just south of Puerto Montt, will be handed over to the state opening up the lower third of the country for a new road to connect the far flung reaches of Chile. He has been a controversial figure in Chile. Find out why in this article.


WalMart in Chile


The view of the Milky Way from the southern hemisphere is awesome and here is an article on the most comprehensive picture to date taken from an observatory in the Atacama Desert


For hikers, new maps of Chile's senderos now available


Salmon farms suffering losses - the hazards of factory farms


The Unbelievable lottery but I wonder where they are getting the money from? I'll let you know if I win!


Marijuana is legal now in Chile but this farm is growing only for medical purposes



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  2. We probably ought to play more often but it always seems like living gets in the way. Besides we already won since we live here in peace and beauty:)