Sunday, February 24, 2019

Southern Chile's First WInd Farm

We had heard the rumours...
A wind farm coming to our area
But where?
We wondered why it hadn't been done already.
We knew how windy Chile can get.
Just spend the winter in southern Chile and you will know the power of the wind strong and fresh straight from Antarctica blowing up the coast of the continent.
So we were headed out to Colegual just west of the town of Llanquihue and this is what we saw.

Big beautiful wind turbines. Here are the statistics-

Each tower is 119 meters or 390 feet tall
The blades are 61 meters or 200 feet in length and weigh 14 tons and are made of reinforced fibreglass.
Each turbine is 3 megawatts and with 43 turbines the project, when fully operational,  will have a maximum capacity of 129 MW and will supply clean energy to around 200,000 homes.
The largest wind farm in South America is the El Arrayan in northern Chile and there seem to be plans for several other sites as well in the Coquimbo region north of Santiago and one in the deep south near Punta Arenas.
It is great to see Chile investing in wind and solar energy as energy has been a real problem and Chile and has high costs compared to other South American countries.
Here are a few links for your further reading.

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