Sunday, September 1, 2019

Real Estate in Chile - Lot for sale

Chile has no Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so finding properties can be difficult. Chile also has no public access to courthouse records so you can't find out who sold what for how much. This info is only available to lawyers but it makes it difficult to understand values and owners just make up numbers when they put their land up for sale.
The best way to find a property in Chile is by word of mouth. Visit an area you are interested in and just start asking around town to see who knows someone who wants to sell. Jim and I are doing this all the time and our latest contact has turned up 5 or so properties in the Lago Rupanco area of the Los Lagos region.
Here is one lot video posted on our Youtube channel.

This is just a spectacular property. Mountain views. River close by. 2 Waterfalls, a rental house, and an excellent home site as well.