Tuesday, March 17, 2020

The answer to all your mail problems!

Many people ask me how the mail service is in Chile and how do we get mail. I know in some South American countries the mail service is unreliable and even nonexistent in some areas! But Correos Chile has been fine for us. We get packages with tracking in 2-4 weeks but letters can take considerably longer without tracking. Tracking is great and helps keep it honest. We have had a few problems with customs taxes but usually only on new purchases. With mail service, we pick up our packages at the local post office. 
Don't ever use DHL for shipping as they are terrible thieves. Fedex and UPS only deliver in Santiago. When we order through Amazon they ship through Chilean carriers that will even deliver to our house in the country!
I have recently discovered a new service to take care of all your mail problems and it is awesome! Here is how it works- 
US Global is a mail forwarding service with a physical US address. The physical address is important because oftentimes products won't ship without it. Within 2 hours of your mail arriving at the US Global mail facility in Houston, you will receive an email notification. You can then log into your virtual mailbox where you will see a scanned image of the outside of your package. Then you can decide what to do with it. You can request them to forward it to your international location, shred it as in junk mail, or even open and scan letters for you! They will even send checks to your bank for deposit. This is an awesome service with many benefits and perks to make living internationally easier.

It's easy to set up an account and prices start as low as $10 a month!
Please click the affiliate link below to take advantage of this service which will give you peace of mind and help support our chilean adventure and chile expat family on Youtube     

 US Global Mail 


  1. I was born in Chile but I have lived in the US for 50 years.
    Do you have "parcelas"in Puerto Octay, that you could recommend?

    1. Sure! We sell real estate here in the area. Please contact my hubby, Jim, at our Youtube channel Chile Expat Family. Best wishes, Lori