Saturday, November 21, 2020

Chile opens its borders to tourists

 As of November 23, 2020, Chile will be open to foreign tourists. Here are the rules summed up from El Diario Oficial. 

Updated on February 17, 2021

Rules 1 & 2 You must fill out a health form up to 48 hrs before arriving on the Ministry of Health website 

Rule 3  Is only for Chilean citizens and permanent residents

Rule 4 Tourists and nonresident foreigners may only enter with a negative PCR test not more than 72 hrs old attached to the health form from

Rule 5 says you must have health insurance with coverage of at least $30.000 USD document attached to your other forms.

Rule 6 says you must submit to Traveler Tracking period of 2 weeks. You will be emailed daily and you must report any symptoms and your location on the website. If you have any symptoms you must quarantine

Here is a link for further reading which states the same requirements as above to enter into Chile but this article also states requirements for traveling within Chile.

Happy travels!

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